Welcome to the Official Website

On November 20, 2012 by seanbrucemusic

Hey folks,

After hours and hours, and hours and hours, I am proud to present to you my official website. I am not the most technical savvy web designer out there but there are some great Youtube tutorials out there that untangled most of the mess I’ve created. It took me a while to step up to this challenge but I am happy I did. Again, I am doing everything myself and I am proud to present it to you out of my own personal kitchen. Enjoy what you see. There’s a list of many things you can do:

  • Purchase my album
  • Digital sales are located on iTunes and Amazon links. Physical albums are for sale on CDbaby link
  • Follow me on Facebook
  • Tweet me
  • Follow my blogs
  • Stream Daytime Hopes
  • Get gig updates
  • Watch me on youtube
  • Read all my lyrics

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