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On December 2, 2012 by seanbrucemusic

I often dream of being on the largest stages looking out to crowds and crowds of people. But, most times, it’s the small venues that hold a close place in my heart.  Last night I played in Baton Rouge at a venue called Haven Gallery & Listening Room. It’s a very unique space and if you are in the area I’d recommend checking them out and catching a show. It is a art gallery, music venue, and on Sunday it turns into a church for worship. It’s located on Laurel St. downtown and sits high on the second floor of an old victorian style home. The unique thing was, how attentive and friendly the patrons were. It’s a great feeling to sit in a quiet room and see everyone looking you directly in the eyes. There’s no escape to hide and be nervous. There’s only room to just look them all in the eye and be honest with what you are doing. The reaction is always great even if its a handful of people. I really enjoy the community in Baton Rouge (everyone I’ve met). It’s a very strong community and full of support and I hope one day they would consider adopting me.

I pulled out every new songs I had and before I knew it I barely even played them songs off my record. I’m just so eager for people to hear them. I’m hoping 2013 I’ll have the chance to get them out to you. I’m praying actually…

While you are at it. Check these girls out.

I opened for them.

Stay tuned…

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